Media Companies

Monetize Video Inventory Across All Screens and Social Sites

Your audience is no longer just online. They’re watching video content on all of your digital properties including apps and mobile sites. Are you monetizing your mobile audience as well as you are your desktop audience? With Mixpo mStream™, you can. It’s easy.

Multiscreen Video Ads
Consumers own multiple devices

Mixpo’s online platform cuts through the complexity of multiscreen video ad creation, deployment, and measurement, whether you want to run one video ad product everywhere or different products for different screen types. You can do it yourself or have Mixpo do it for you.

Add Interactivity for Greater Performance

Higher viewer engagement delivers higher value to advertisers. With mStream video ads you can add immersive interactivity including video galleries, coupons, maps, localized offers, Twitter feeds, high impact social sharing widgets, and more.

Scale Production While Increasing Margins

Mixpo’s cloud based tools enable publishers to create, traffic, and measure premium ad products without increasing production costs, thereby positively impacting margins. We fit right into your present workflow, minimizing learning curves and operational disruption. You can opt to use our platform yourself or have Mixpo execute for you as a managed service.

Deliver Brand Insights

Mixpo’s online platform yields all the reporting advertisers need to gauge and react to campaign performance. Media Companies use Mixpo’s intuitive reporting features to monitor and share video ad performance, from ad engagement to brand lift. Learn more.

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